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ByMarina Lois

Case Study: The ‘Richard Parks: Antarctica’ Podcast

At a Glance

Client: Team Quest

Podcast: Richard Parks: Antarctica

No. of Episodes: 11

Language: English

Launch Date: November 2018

The Client

Anchored in Wales and powered by expertise from across Great Britain, ‘Team Quest’ is a collective of organisations and individuals motivated by human progress.

Their first collaborative project centred around extreme athlete Richard Parks’ attempt to ski solo, unsupported and unassisted from the coast of Antarctica to the south pole. The project had two aims, the first; to support Richard in skiing one of the toughest polar expeditions on the planet as fast as possible. The second; in doing so, provide learning opportunities for both young people and business leaders, using adventure to inspire them to think beyond boundaries.

Just a few short weeks before  the expedition was to start, Richard asked us to produce a podcast series that would bring the journey to life in real time, as it unfolded.

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ByMarina Lois

Bengo Media produce new podcast for Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water Staff

We’ve recently teamed up with Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water to create a new podcast for its staff who are working through the Coronavirus pandemic.

The company’s 3,500 staff have continued working to keep water flowing freely to the three million people it serves during the crisis. In an effort to keep everyone feeling connected, Dŵr Cymru asked us to help them create a new podcast.

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ByMarina Lois

Case Study: The Anti-Sell Audiobook by Steve Morgan

At a glance

Client: Steve Morgan, Freelance SEO Consultant and published author.

Service: Audiobook production.

The background

Steve Morgan is the author of Anti-Sell: Marketing & Lead Generation for Freelancers Who Hate Sales.

As a keen audiobook listener, Steve wanted to make sure that his new title would be available as an audiobook at the same time as other formats (paperback, Kindle and PDF), and was eager that audio did not seem considered as an afterthought.

It was also really important to Steve that he ‘get it right’ in terms of his personal brand – this included self-narrating his audiobook and ensuring the most professional sound possible.

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