We are Bengo Media. We make – and we show you how to make – powerful, compelling audio that will engage potential new clients and endear you to your existing ones.


Bengo Media helps give your content marketing an unfair advantage over your competitors. Nowadays blogs, social media and, increasingly, video are all must-have parts of a company’s marketing mix. Trouble is, because everyone is doing it, it makes standing out very difficult. And in this time-poor world, people aren’t able to spend huge of amounts of screen time watching videos or reading your copy.


This is where audio comes in. When people put their headphones in, or switch the radio on at home or in the car, they are making a conscious decision to be entertained or learn something new while they get on with their busy lives. And it’s a formula that’s stood the test of time. Radio has been a central part of people’s lives for nearly a hundred years now. 9 in 10 people listen every week, and for hours every day.


Think about how many times you’ve arrived at your destination but couldn’t get your of the car because you were so gripped by what you were listening to. That’s the power of audio.


Imagine if people couldn’t get out of their car because they were listening to your content.


Telling compelling stories using just audio is a real skill. One that we’ve been honing for years. Whether it be podcasts, smart speakers, audiobooks or audio tours, our directors have the experience and expertise to find the right solution for you. We’ll not only teach you how to tell stories to your customers but to do it so powerfully that they’ll lean in and really listen to what you’ve got to say.


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