Talk Skills – Consultancy

Talk Skills

Talk Skills is a company, run by vocal and performance coach, Angela Durrant, and entrepreneur Gavin Hill-John, which helps people become better communicators. Talk Skills helps people speak and present with confidence in their business and personal lives.


The Ambition

Talk Skills was looking to create its own regular podcast to discuss some of the tools and techniques it offers to its clients. It approached Bengo Media for advice on how to get started.


What We Did

Bengo Media met with Talk Skills to discuss the aims and ambitions of the podcast, and helped to de-mystify areas like media hosting, buying the right equipment and editing. Bengo Media then wrote the team at Talk Skills a bespoke checklist and offered phone support to get them started.


And what did Talk Skills have to say about it all?

case studies talk skills Director of Talk Skills, Gavin Hill-John, said “I recently worked with Steve [from Bengo Media] to set up a new podcast. After being completely overwhelmed with it all, Steve managed to simplify the whole process. Within 24 hours he had me recording podcasts and getting to grips with the process.

“Thanks to Steve I’ve avoided a lot of costly mistakes. I have the right gear, the right services and if all goes according to plan, the right podcast.

“If you have an interest in getting your business or yourself into the podcast world then contacting Steve should be right at the top of your to do list.”