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BySteve Austins

If You’re Lonesome Tonight: Here’s What Podcasts are Saying About Elvis

elvis+elvis presley+podcastsIt’s the 40th anniversary of the death of the king of rock ‘n roll. Elvis Presley died at his home in Memphis on August 16th, 1977, leaving millions of fans heartbroken, many still to this day.

I was just approaching 18 months old when the King abdicated, so what I know about Elvis has been gained from television, radio and playing catch up on some of his greatest hits. Plus, for many years, I’ve watched and listened in awe to the passion of Elvis fans at the annual Elvis Festival in Porthcawl, South Wales, which has always been a must-do outside broadcast for my old radio station, BBC Radio Wales.

But whether you’re a fan of the King or, like me, swotting up furiously to catch up, there are some great podcasts about Elvis ready for you to download and listen to.

To start, I’d recommend Pete Mitchell’s excellent podcast series This Day in Music, where you’ll find a two parter on the early life of Elvis, revolving around his time in the US army. Yes, that’s right, in 1958 Elvis was drafted into the army and served for two years as a regular soldier – can you imagine Bieber doing that? Mitchell’s documentary tells the story well and the production is both music and archive rich, giving it the edge over many of the podcasts here.

Meanwhile, Memphis newspaper, The Commercial Appeal, tells the story of how the media in Elvis’ hometown reported the news of his death, in the first of its series Eternal Fame: 40 Years Later. The star of the show is veteran disc jockey Rob Grayson, who was a rookie overnight presenter deputising on the afternoon show when the news broke. Not only did he have to navigate his way through a shift that would define his career, he later had to become an instant Elvis expert by doing a procession of interviews for radio stations across the world. Not bad for a 19 year old Beatles fan!

For an insider’s perspective on Elvis, check out a podcast series from 2012 called The Gospel Side of Elvis. The late Joe Moscheo, a member of gospel group The Imperials — who performed with the King between 1969 and 1971 — and author of a book of the same name, tells the tales of working with and knowing Elvis, and particularly his love of gospel music. Each of these episodes were built short, to the point and no doubt intended to sell books but they are beautifully crafted and well worth your ears for a morning’s commute.

Despite positioning itself as the place to get ‘the latest Elvis news and events happening here a Elvis Presley’s Graceland’, the Official Graceland Podcast hasn’t updated in a few months. But if you’re a fan of Elvis’ movie career, this is the place to come, with a bank of short, conventional, two header review show which do a decent job. But I was expecting a bit more, particularly in the run up to the anniversary.

So instead we turn to the hardcore fans. Online station, TCB Radio, run a fairly regular podcast service, full of ‘news you can use… produced by Elvis fan for Elvis fans’. TCB stands for Taking Care of Business, Elvis’ motto and the name of his rhythm band through the final years of his career. Of course, you’d have to be a fan to know that, but that’s the point – this is proper fanzone territory. Expect shout outs, events, giveaways and facts. The only complaint is that the episodes are broadcast first on Facebook Live and the podcast could do with a heft bit of post production to remove the visual bits. But if you want to experience what I used to see at the Porthcawl Elvis Festival, this is it.

Perhaps the most unusual and refreshing take comes from a Penaltybox Productions’ Elvis And, which sees an improv comedy group take key moments in the life of Elvis Aaron Presley and create comedy sketches around them. It’s very daft, and downright rude in places, but it’s very entertaining. Check out the episode on the Million Dollar Quartet, which is perhaps the most far-fetched take on the infamous and impromptu Sun Records Studios session you’ll ever hear.

(Steve’s the name) He’s the Director of Bengo Media, which makes beautifully crafted podcasts and advises others on how to do the same. His favourite Elvis song is Always On My Mind.

BySteve Austins

Four Podcasts to Take Your Mind Off Nuclear War

People talk about 2016 like it was the end of days. But if I were last year, I’d be talking to my lawyers right now, because it doesn’t have a patch on 2017. I’ve lost count how many times my stomach has turned this year: the thought of civil rights being rolled back in America; the sheer man-made horror of Grenfell Tower; terrorism back in the UK big-time; and now, this week, a nuclear fuelled stand-off between the US and North Korea. My appetite for consuming the news is somewhat waning.

If, like me, you’re looking for some escapism, here are four great podcasts guaranteed to lift your mood and forget the world for a while.


1) James O’Brien’s Mystery Hour

James O'Brien. Copyright LBC; nuclear; mood; happy; smile

LBC’s James O’Brien

James O’Brien is omnipresent at the moment. The talk show presenter is marking himself out as a bit of a liberal lion, whose LBC show is a thorn in the side of right wing politicians and press alike. Therefore this seems like an odd place to start on the quest for happy podcasts.

However, there is an hour a week of James’ show that is fenced off – sacred almost – in its intention to get away from the day’s news agenda. Mystery Hour is a phone-in dedicated to solving mysteries. Not murder mysteries or conspiracy theory mysteries. But the most mundane mysteries like:

How is it that we hold our pee until we can see the toilet bowl?

Why do you throw salt over your shoulder for luck?

and, Why don’t dolphins get the bends?

You ask the question, and either James or his listeners will answer it.

However, the bar is high. If the question is deemed boring, pointless or has been asked and answered before, you’ll be treated with the ire normally reserved for right-wing nut jobs (albeit with tongue firmly in cheek). Meanwhile, in order to get a much coveted, canned round of applause, you must state your qualifications for answering the question – “I googled it” really does not cut the mustard. At the start of each episode, James promises that you will almost certainly learn something new and there will be at least one belly laugh every week. The show delivers on both counts.


2) Fortunately

Fi Glover and Jane Garvey; nuclear; mood; happy; smile

Fortunately presenters Fi Glover and Jane Garvey

There are plenty of belly laughs in the BBC’s new bespoke podcast of the best of its radio shows. Now, admittedly, I’m a little smitten with Fortunately‘s two presenters, Jane Garvey and Fi Glover. They were my era of 5Live presenters, when listening to the BBC’s news and sport network was not only essential for my job (as a junior researcher in the BBC Wales newsroom) but also a real joy. Jane was brilliant at keeping the acerbic Peter Allen in line on 5Live Drive. Fi was essential listening both late at night and afterwards in the slightly more civil mid-morning slot.

Before long, both headed off to join the grown-ups on Radio 4. But this podcast allows them to let their hair down and embody that cheeky, intelligent but fun spirit that 5Live had in its hey day. Check out the episode with Jeremy Vine to see what I mean.

Fortunately is a bit like Radio 4’s Pick of the Week. That is if Pick of the Week was presented by two of your best friends over a glass of wine (it’s actually recorded in the BBC cafe so no wine is actually imbibed, but roll with me here). Imagine Pick of the Week without a script and with little reference to the audio clips it plays, other than to fuel a wonderously ponderous conversation. So, actually, it’s nothing like Pick of the Week at all. But oh my god, it’s brilliant.


3) Walking the Dog 

Emily Dean; nuclear; mood; happy; smile

Emily Dean, Presenter of The Times’ Walking the Dog podcast

He earns £1.7 million a year for presenting Match of the Day, so you’d expect Gary Lineker to have someone to walk his dog for him – and certainly to clean up the poo. But, no; residents living around south west London are used to seeing England’s greatest living centre-forward take his Yellow Labrador for a walk around the local park, poo-bags in hand. And its just as well, because it seems Snoop (dog, geddit?) isn’t fazed by the presence of a microphone when doing his business, thus leaving his very famous owner clearing up one almighty bowel movement.

You’ll be pleased to know Walking The Dog is not predominantly a podcast about dog-mess. Instead, it’s a lovely, simple and effective interview format where host, Emily Dean, interviews people about their lives while taking their dogs out for a stroll. It’s effective because the point of a good interview format is to make the interviewee relax and feel comfortable sharing. And here Gary shares a lot about his childhood, home-life, even the end of his second marriage. In fact, the only thing Emily fails to get out of him is how he voted in the 2017 Election: which probably disappointed the Daily Mail more than it disappointed me.


4) Looking Back On A Life That Didn’t Happen

Comedian, Steve Davidson, nuclear; mood; happy; smile

Comedian, Steve Davidson

And talking of great interview formats with a twist, check out this brilliantly silly podcast where Steven Davidson interviews fellow comedians about their life and career. The twist? The questions Steven poses refer to a life that he has completely made up for his guests and they are learning about for the first time. In the latest episode, former Scottish Comedian of the Year, Mark Nelson, has to improvise his way through questions such as how it felt growing up as the youngest of Prince Rogers Nelson and Margaret Thatcher’s three children; and whether he still get a hard time for accidentally killing Ronnie Corbett at a trampolining competition. It’s certainly surreal but also laugh out loud funny at times. Perfect escapism stuff, in fact.


Steve Austins is the Founder and Director of Bengo Media. Talk to us about creating a podcast to help cheer the world up a bit. 

BySteve Austins

A Week of Manifestos, NHS Hacks and Fighting Off Fish Fingers

Blurrt Out The Vote – the podcast which analyses what social media is doing during the 2017 General Election – returns for episode 2. You can listen using the player at the bottom of this page.

Recorded live at Tramshed Tech in Cardiff, Tom Price is joined by CEO of social media insights platform, Blurrt, Jason Smith and Valerie Livingston, Director of political consultants News Direct Wales, to talk about a week of policy pledges, cyber attacks and, er, fish fingers.

Podcast, Jason Smith, Tom Price, Valerie Livingston, Blurrt, Blurrt Out The Vote

Blurrt Out The Vote Episode 2 (L-R): Jason Smith, Tom Price, Valerie Livingston

On the agenda, Twitter’s love fest with the policies in Labour’s heavily leaked manifesto – and what that has done for the party and Jeremy Corbyn.

Podcast, Labour, manifesto, Blurrt, Blurrt Out The Vote

Reaction on Twitter to the policies in Labour’s manifesto was mainly positive

Also, when Theresa May did a Facebook Live Q&A with Robert Peston, angry emoticons flowed across the screen. Blurrt’s analysis found that this was replicated on Twitter, although there was some love and happiness too.

Podcast, Theresa May, Robert Peston, Facebook Live, Blurrt, Burrt Out The Vote

Blurrt analysed the reaction to Theresa May’s Facebook Live interview with ITV’s Robert Peston

Social media brought little good news for either UKIP leader Paul Nuttall after he appeared to walk on the spot in a party election broadcast, nor Lib Dem leader Tim Farron, who will have to fight off a fish finger to keep his seat in Cumbria.

Blurrt Out The Vote is published every week during the election campaign on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, and the other main podcast platforms. You can also listen on this page in the link below and find out about the series here. Blurrt’s election hub is available on their website, and you can find out more about the company’s political work here

To find out how Bengo Media could help create a podcast for your business, email us at


BySteve Austins

Does Twitter agree this General Election is all but over?

Theresa’s eaten a cone of chips, her husband’s put the bins out, Haley from Corrie made an appearance, Diane forgot how to add up and Tim’s been heckled by a member of the public. There’s no doubting it, the General Election is in full swing.

And the polls think it’s a foregone conclusion – the latest polls have the Tories ahead of Labour between 14 to 18 percentage points.

But is it?

Analysing social media for clues is central to Bengo Media‘s newest podcast production. We’ve been commissioned by social media insights company Blurrt to produce Blurrt Out The Vote, which intends to give listeners a real grasp of how Twitter responds to the big moments of this election campaign.

The plan is to publish an episode every Wednesday, discussing what the big trending topics are, how they affect the parties and leaders; along with thoughts on what they should be doing about it.

Listen to “The One Show, Corbyn campaign launch and foxhunting” on Spreaker.

Blurrt is a social media insights platform which uses Natural Language Processing to read posts and understand them as a human would do. And Chief Executive of Blurrt, Jason Smith, and his team have a pretty sophisticated piece of kit on their hands, capable of  instantaneous feedback on people’s sentiments towards a speech, a gaffe, a TV appearance. Last year, Blurrt analysed 55 million tweets for the EU Referendum and, hours before the result, they accurately predicted the 52-48 Leave outcome.

It’s been fun playing around with Blurrt’s election analysis. It’s a data lovers’ paradise. As Tom Price, Blurrt Out The Vote presenter described it, “it’s like being let inside The Matrix”. In fact, I was half expecting him to turn up to the recording in Keanu’s leather jacket and shades. Disappointingly, shirts and jeans were the order of the day for everyone.

Jason Smith, Tom Price, Blurrt, Blurrt Out The Vote

Blurrt CEO Jason Smith tells presenter Tom Price how Twitter’s been reacting to the election.

Using Bengo Media’s pop-up studio, Blurrt Out The Vote is recorded on location at the Blurrt offices in London or Cardiff. The first recording followed on from a very busy Tuesday on the election trail. Jason Smith – who is joining Tom every week on the podcast to crunch the stats – noted a lot of activity around Labour’s campaign launch, with a general sense that, outside of his loyal band of supporters, Twitter was relatively receptive to the policies, but would struggle to get behind the idea of Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister.

And if Labour want to make this about policies not personalities, the Tories are absolutely making this campaign as presidential as possible. Theresa May is front and centre of this campaign. And her ‘strong and stable leadership’ of the May household was on display on The One Show in a joint appearance with her husband Philip. But did it work? “It’s fair to say it was a mixed response” says Jason: engagement about May was through the roof but there was a lot of anger that the interview was the soft option, after turning down a leaders debate. There was anger too at her unfortunate, off the cuff, remark about ‘girl jobs and boy jobs’.

But, love it or hate it, moments like these provide talkability. People want to take to social media platforms and express their emotions about May, Corbyn – and Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland – in a way that they don’t about Tim Farron. And no one seems to like Paul Nuttal. Honestly, no one.

There is no doubt in Jason’s reading of the data that the Tories are going to win this election, but not by the margin that the polls are predicted. The majority? “About 50 seats”, Jason says, after being pushed for a figure by Tom. We’ll check in with Jason on that prediction at the end of every episode. After Blurrt‘s success with Brexit, we’re hoping you can say you heard it here first.

Blurrt Out The Vote Cover Art

Blurrt Out The Vote is published every week during the election campaign on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, and the other main podcast platforms. Blurrt’s election hub is available on their website, To find out how Bengo Media could help create a podcast for your business, email us at

ByMarina Lois

Wedding Planning Series Launched for UK

Engaged couples can get the help & expertise of Wedding Planner Zoe to guide them through their preparations with the launch of her new podcast series.

Wedding Planner Zoe Binning from Weddings by Zoe has been super busy over the last couple of weeks prepping and presenting her new podcast series ‘Icing on the Cake’.

Her first 3 bite sized episodes were released in time for Valentine’s Day. They are part of an 11 episode series that will guide newly engaged couples in the UK through all their preparations, from setting and following a budget to finding the perfect venue, dress and suppliers.

New episodes will be released weekly on iTunes.


Listen to “The Icing on the Cake | Wedding Planning” on Spreaker.