Audio Content Production

Audio is an increasingly important part of your content marketing strategy. Bengo Media is perfectly positioned to create powerful, compelling audio content for you, allowing you to get on with making your business a success.


As a team we have a track record in radio production, both at the BBC and in commercial radio. And we’re still making radio programmes for the BBC to this day. In 2018 and the early part of 2019, Bengo Media will be making two new series and a one off feature for BBC Radio Wales. 


We can offer your company a full-production service for the following products:

Smart Speakers (Alexa and Google Home)

Radio Production


Audio Tours

Promotional Showreel

Audio Training Tools


Smart Speakers

Research last year suggested that Christmas 2017 would lead to smart speakers going mainstream. You’ve all seen the TV adverts for Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and maybe you’ve got one in your front room. But beyond entertaining the kids with music and amusing questions, there is a huge potential for businesses to provide both products and quality, useful information to your customers.


For example, using a smart speaker, people are already able to:

  • Order a pizza from your Dominos
  • Get a Uber
  • Find out what to do today in London from Time Out
  • Check on the latest news at your favourite football club


Smart speakers lets people access your content while they’re juggling with their busy lives. With our expertise in oral communication, Bengo Media can help create a smart speaker application that will let you literally interact with your customers lives in a new way.


Radio Production

Ahhh – the true soft spot in our hearts. The whole Bengo Media team have cut their teeth in the radio industry, in both commercial radio and at the BBC. With over 30 years experience, we’re still independently producing radio programmes for the BBC and would love to talk to you about your radio project and how we can help bring it to life.


Think about all the times people are in their cars, working with the radio on in the background, packing light for a holiday, or maybe have difficulty reading.
These are exactly the times that people reach for an audiobook. From fiction, to factual to self improvement or even study aids, there’s a worldwide audience waiting to discover your content. And the best part is, you can do this with, or without, the backing of a traditional publishing house.

Working hand in hand with you to self publish, or in conjunction with your publishing house, we’ll assemble a production team of scriptwriters, narrators, sound producers and editors to bring bring your audiobook to life. We’ll also make sure the audiobook is uploaded and launched, ready for your fans to access and enjoy.

Drop us a line to have a chat about your idea.

Audio Tours

We’ve all been there. Taken time off. Excitedly researched somewhere to go, only to get there and find no helpful information about what you have come to see. It’s super frustrating and leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Well, no more. Providing visitors with something as simple as a downloadable audio tour or even providing them with a handheld audio tour device, will make the world of difference. Your visitor can immerse themselves in the story of your attraction and leave more knowledgeable and happy that they came to visit.

Audio Tours allow you to guide your visitors to exactly what you would like them to see and take notice of. It also puts the control in the hands of your visitors, who can start, stop and re-listen the audio tour at their own pace. And because we can make the audio tours in multiple languages, you can cater to visitors from all over the world.

Audio Tours work so well for both large and smaller attractions, as you don’t need to worry about having to staff up and down to meet tour group or individual traveller requirements. The audio tours are available whenever your visitors need them. They also help you ensure that every visitor has the option of experiencing your attraction at its best, no matter what day or time they reach it.

Drop us a line to see how we can help you make your visitor experience more rewarding.

Promotional Showreel

A conversation with your potential clients or customers showcasing the best of what you and your company have to offer is an excellent tool to make you stand above your competition. You might think of embedding this on to you website, or maybe put it on to a promotion device for a trade fair.

No matter who your audience is, drop us a line and we’ll chat to you about delivery methods that would work best for your industry sector and your needs.

Training Tools

Audio-visual training tools are a fantastic concept for both businesses with a large headcount and individual consultants / trainers / experts.

For businesses, audio training tools are a great way of ensuring that all your staff receive the same, high quality training, no matter where they are based, when they start or who’s available for training.

Just some of the benefits this could offer your business include:

  • Your colleagues can receive training as and when a need is identified. They don’t have to wait for a critical mass of people to need the same training for you to be able to run it. This means they are up to speed and integrated quickly.
  • You can quality control the training that each and every member of your team receives.
  • It cuts down on travel and allows you to train people at multiple sites, in multiple countries whenever it suits them.
  • You can make you training tools in multiple languages, and because they are downloadable, the training isn’t beholden to time differences.

Consultants, trainers and industry experts can construct a whole series of audio training sessions that will allow your clients to benefit from your knowledge. You can build a worldwide business, whilst keeping both yours and your clients’ cost low, allowing you to make the most of your time and your resources.

Drop us a line to discuss your requirements and we’ll come up with a solution that suits your business.