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BySteve Austins

Podcasting From Home – Part One: Managing Your Sound

The new normal – I’m sick of the phrase, I’m sure you are too. The only trouble is, for most of us, it’s a useful way of summing up the fact that life is going to be quite different for some time to come.

And when it comes to recording a podcast, being able to put four or five people in a small studio underground somewhere – or even across a table indoors – is very much not normal right now and won’t be for a while. 

So, if you don’t want to make sacrifices when it comes to getting the best guests on your podcast, you’re going to need to embrace podcasting remotely. 

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ByMarina Lois

Case Study: The Anti-Sell Audiobook by Steve Morgan

At a glance

Client: Steve Morgan, Freelance SEO Consultant and published author.

Service: Audiobook production.

The background

Steve Morgan is the author of Anti-Sell: Marketing & Lead Generation for Freelancers Who Hate Sales.

As a keen audiobook listener, Steve wanted to make sure that his new title would be available as an audiobook at the same time as other formats (paperback, Kindle and PDF), and was eager that audio did not seem considered as an afterthought.

It was also really important to Steve that he ‘get it right’ in terms of his personal brand – this included self-narrating his audiobook and ensuring the most professional sound possible.

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