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ByMarina Lois

Case Study: The ‘Richard Parks: Antarctica’ Podcast

At a Glance

Client: Team Quest

Podcast: Richard Parks: Antarctica

No. of Episodes: 11

Language: English

Launch Date: November 2018

The Client

Anchored in Wales and powered by expertise from across Great Britain, ‘Team Quest’ is a collective of organisations and individuals motivated by human progress.

Their first collaborative project centred around extreme athlete Richard Parks’ attempt to ski solo, unsupported and unassisted from the coast of Antarctica to the south pole. The project had two aims, the first; to support Richard in skiing one of the toughest polar expeditions on the planet as fast as possible. The second; in doing so, provide learning opportunities for both young people and business leaders, using adventure to inspire them to think beyond boundaries.

Just a few short weeks before  the expedition was to start, Richard asked us to produce a podcast series that would bring the journey to life in real time, as it unfolded.

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ByMarina Lois

Remote Podcasting in the age of Coronavirus

We don’t actually need be in the same room as you to help you get your podcast off the ground.

In fact, we’ve never needed to be.

The truth is, that whilst most of us are still adjusting to the unprecedented changes to the way we work, the world of podcasting has remained relatively unaffected. Read More

ByMarina Lois

Bengo Media wins South East Business of the Year at the Welsh SME Business Awards 2019

On Wednesday 30th October, a host of inspiring Welsh SME businesses gathered at a glittering awards ceremony held at the Exchange Hotel in Cardiff to celebrate their successes over the last year.

The Welsh SME Business Awards are a celebration of the SME entrepreneurs and thriving businesses that service all industries across Wales, with accolades that include Unique Business of the Year, Growth Business of the Year and SME Business of the Year. Read More

ByMarina Lois

Case Study: ‘Podcast 101’ training for Community Housing Cymru

At a Glance

Client: Community Housing Cymru

Service: ‘Podcast 101’ training and consultancy

The Background

Community Housing Cymru represents all housing associations in Wales. Its members provide traditional as well as specialist social housing for around 10% of the Welsh population.

Community Housing Cymru approached Bengo Media to help them create a podcast that would address the issues affecting social housing, as well as illustrate that the sector is far more than just bricks and mortar.

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BySteve Austins

Five things we learned at the BBC Sounds launch in Wales

Last week, we joined a rabble of journalists, content creators, broadcasters and other audiophiles at the Wales content commissioning launch of BBC Sounds, the new home for audio from across the BBC. Available to download for free from Apple, Google and Amazon app stores, BBC Sounds brings together all of the broadcaster’s live and on demand radio, music and podcasts in a single, personalised app.

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ByMarina Lois

Will 2019 really be ‘the year of the podcast’?

At the tail end of 2018, the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) published a blog post predicting that 2019 would be “the year of the podcast“.

The explosion – they said – would be driven by five things; growth in listenership, technology, brands understanding the podcast space, an increase in podcast promotion, and the monetisation of podcast content.

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ByMarina Lois

The PR Power of the Podcast

Podcasts. You can’t turn around for hearing about them. It’s the word of the moment, on everyone’s lips (and in their ears!).

Already 7 million adults in the UK listen to podcasts each week. Listenership keeps building, and those listeners (and potential customers) are both loyal, and eager to learn. And with Google aiming to ‘double global podcast listenership’ within two years, now is the time to start considering podcasts as part of your wider PR strategy. Read More

BySteve Austins

Podcasting for business: the good, the bad and the ugly

That woman in your brainstorming meeting the other day was so right; your company does need a podcast. I’ll leave it to you whether you tell her or not.

Podcasting for business is an effective way for brands to communicate their value proposition to an engaged and captive audience. The very nature of podcasting – as an on-demand format – lets brands tell their story anywhere anytime. This helps them establish authority in their industry and deepen relationships with current and potential customers. Read More

BySteve Austins

Confessions of a Hairdresser…and other podcasts dreamt up in our #Podcast101 workshop

At Bengo Media, we meet a lot of people who tell us they want to start a podcast. Only a fraction actually do. At our new podcast workshops, we’re trying to remove the mystique from podcasting, and empower people to get started. Read More

BySteve Austins

9 top tips for getting your podcast heard

So, you’ve recorded a kick-ass podcast.

The first few episodes are finished, and they sound even better than you hoped they would.

But though that may have seemed like a lot of work, that was just the beginning. Read More